Priority Matrix to Google Calendar : Help with getting things set up.

I hope this can help. It's a somewhat overly complex explanation, but it works...


Follow it, and I think that at least for Google calendar, until something changes, you will have 100% success by the end of the process.


Here on the webpage, it's a little hard to read because the outlined steps have gotten feblunget, and I'm too lazy to put them back in order. Maybe later.


Click this link, to get to a version in Word, that is easier to read ... and click here for the same document in PDF.


The calendar process within Priority Matrix starts within the open ap, but only changes made within a browser window are saved, and useful for providing URLs that Google will need.

WITHIN PRIORITY MATRIX the steps are ...

1. Open a plain text editor to take notes, and copy the URL's that you will be needing.
2. Open the Priority Matrix Pro application if its closed.
3. Click "View" in the menu, then click "Calendar" in the dropdown menu. (or, use the Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut.
4. Think of the page that opens as a resumé, showing which of your calendars are linked once they are turned on or enabled, but that's it, nothing to change here (But see below). Think of this as a Current Status page that you are looking at. As is written in the Priority Matrix help text, there are three options here:
   a. Creating a calendar on Google Calendar for ALL your Projects.
   b. Creating a calendar for items that have been delegated just to you.
   c. Selecting from all of one's projects, those that one would like to see appearing on the Google Calendar, but just those Projects that you select.
5. At the top of the page, click "Open in Browser" which takes one to where the action is.
6. Once there, the items that looked like "links" in the previous window above, but didn't work like links (clicking them did nothing), are now real links. Let's say for example, you have a Project named "Blogs" :
   a. it appears here on this page in the browser on the left side of the table.
   b. if you click on "off" on the right side of the table, two things happen:
         i. the "off" changes to an "on"
         ii.the URL for calendar for the Project "Blogs" now appears.
   c. now click on this URL until it is highlighted, and either right click and select Copy from the menu, or simply Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard.
  d. Switch to the text editor mentioned in step 1. above. Write "Blogs" to avoid confusing your Projects, then Paste the URL that you've just copied to the clipboard (Ctrl+P). Look in both spots to make sure you have it all.
         i. like this for instance:
7. Repeat step 6. for each Project that you would like to see in Google Calendar, and not, of course for those that you don't want to present.
8. Of course, if you want all the data for ALL your Projects to be transferred, skip the lower part of the page with its table, and :
   a. select and copy what's in the 1st field at the top.
   b. Switch back to your text editor (Alt-Tab) and Paste it there (Ctrl+P) after first writing: All Projects.
   c. One could skip all this Copy|Paste into a text application process, and simply keep this browser window open, and paste directly into Google, but a little extra organization never hurt anybody.
9. If you just want to setup a "delegated to you" calendar, do the same thing as in 8., but at 8.i., select and copy what's in the 2nd field at the top. Then ignore the table at the bottom.


WITHIN GOOGLE CALENDAR the steps are ...


1. Open Google Calendar. Once open:
   a. I'm assuming that you already have your personal or other Calendars, that appear under the Current Monthly Calendar on the left at "My calendars." Ignore these completely.
   b. Under "My calendars" you'll see "Other calendars" which is what's needed here.
   c. You can click on the left triangle to see what's under that heading if you like, but what you really need is the right triangle with the white box around it. Click this right triangle link.
   d. A menu drops down. Click on "Add by URL"
   e. That opens the "Add by URL" window, where therre are 3 things to do:
      i. Go back to your text editor or browser window that's still open someplace, and highlight and Copy (Ctrl+C) the entire and intact URL from there. Switch back to the "Add by URL" window, and Paste (Ctrl+P) this into that top field where the cursor is blinking. Look at it. Have it all?
      ii. Now a choice to make... "Make the calendar publicly accessible" is something to check or not. If checked, everybody can get to it. If left unchecked, you can still share the URL for this calendar with your choice of recipients, done a bit more privately. You can try this out with some of your Projects, and not others. You decide.
      iii. Click, "Add Calendar" button.
      iv. Wait for the response. It might be :
            1)  error : failed to import this calendar ... if this happens, just try again starting with step a. above, and without changing a thing.
            2) "Calendar was imported successfully" (Yeah!)
     v. If imported successfully, the name of the Project ("Blogs" in this example), will now, instantaneously appear under "Other calendars" on the Google Calendar page. If several Projects are added, they will be in alphabetic order. The items and data you've entered in Priority Matrix won't be there instantaneously, but should arrive in the next few, and certainly, by 12 hours.
2. Cool Google stuff : Don't forget to check out the options for each of your calendars in Google. Select the calendar's name, and click on the arrow on the right. This brings up a window with choices:
   a. Display Only This Calendar
   b. Hide This Calendar From The List
   c. Calendar settings
   d. Edit notifications
   e. Chose a Custom Color for your calendar
3. Click on "Calendar Settings" for instance, and you can
   a. edit many aspects of the calendar,
   b. customize its appearance
   c. get the HTML code to embed it on your web site
   d. see the URL if you lose it, or to send it to someone else.
   e. confirm if it's public or private.

Lastly ... a return to Priority Matrix. Recall that:

  • You can check current status of your calendar(s) when in P.M. with Ctrl+Shift+C (or the Menu | View | calendar. But in that view, you can edit nothing. It's a status report.
  • To change things, you must click "Open in Browser" on the top right.
  • Once in the browser, click "on" for a Project to turn it to "off" if you want it to no longer show updates in Google Calendar.
  • And of course ... remember that on the Google Calendar will appear only those P.M. items that have Dates set in the Details panel on the right.


I believe that's it for starters, and hope that this has helped someone besides me.

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